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Friends Quiz 6

After sold out quizzes for Season 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Its time to start getting excited for the sixth of 10 Friends Quizzes to come to Sticky Mike's Frog Bar. This time it's all about Season 6.

Not sure if you remember season 6? Well let us refresh your memory. This season started off with Ross and Rachel getting married in Vegas. Monica and Chandler move in togther. Joey begins starring in a TV Show with a Robot and BRUCE WILLIS is in it!

So dust off your old VHS copy of season 6, get out your dungarees and get ready to dive deep into your knowledge of what 6 people you've never met got up to 17 years ago.

Unfortunately we don't have a super big apartment in Manhattan to give you if your team win but we have something even better!
- Cash prize for the winning team
- Lots of friends related prizes for runners up
- Booze.


£2 entry for each team member / 6 People per team maximum.

Reserve your team's slot by emailing

All the best,