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Gittins To Know You

Brian is going on tour so he's going to be trying out some new material in the basement. We're going to get ALL the tables out for this one. You wont want to miss it.

'Gittins To Know You' is a marvel of a carefully orchestrated shambles, filled with glee, spontaneity, and a knowledge that there’s nothing else like it. Hosted by Brian Gittins, he goes to lengths to explain that this is for his new material – it just so happened that this new material made my cheeks ache from laughing at cereal.

This is the home of oddballs, lunatics, and risks, and the bunker environment suits it. As does the city and the audience, who keep coming back for more of this anarchic joy.' - Latest 7 - 2016

'The world's worst stand up comedian.' - Sussex Argus 2013

Line - up subject to change

Please arrive at start of show to find you seat. Entry to venue will only be permitted during breaks THANK YOU