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Ghold + Chalk Hands + Yuxa + Aerosol Jesus

Yeah Go On Then Presents:


Blistering grindcore/ post metal.
"Pummelling noise-rock onslaughts bursting through periods of barely audible calm. The finest heavy act in the UK right now. It is the sound of a band who exist in a world of their own, above and beyond our plane of existence and drifting ever closer to the outer limits." - Sludgelord.


Post Hardcore
"Beyond the sheer brutality, there is still some room for melodic passages and immersive instrumentalism." - merchants of air


Post Metal.
"expansive, progressive and apocalyptic"


Crafted from sheer boredom and a lack of enthusiasm toward the generic. They beautifully contradict their heaviness of Warped, down-tuned riffs riddled with elements of noise and experimentalism with eerie, shimmering emotive melodies. Songs which are unapologetically murky within shocking wall of sound.