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One Unique Signal + Wax Machine

Yeah Go On Then Presents:


Multilayered musical apocalypse, with pulsing neo-psychedelic tendencies. A heady blaze of downtuned, careening chords and a blaze of feedbacking squall, baritone, drawled vocals, droning guitars and circuitous rhythms they understand the power of repetition as well as any flower powered acid casualty.


Take you on a gentle, hazy stroll through sitars, washing synthesisers and foggy vocals, then like the whip upon some lethargic beast they'll explode into a jazz infused jive, saxophone swells over the top, a fun-loving guitar shakes away underneath dancing precariously upon a drum pattern the shakes you about in a relentless manner. This city’s most exciting psychedelic prospect. With a sound that spans The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Foxygen and The Jefferson Airplane.


Earlier Event: November 3
K O L L ∆ P S
Later Event: November 4
Mardy Gras