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Girls In Synthesis + Ditz + Hell Beings

Post-punk noise trio, based in London, formed to aurally represent the noise and violence of the modern world.

"Feral No Wave antics sluiced through a penchant for live suicide recordings" - Clash

“An inflammable hammerhead… here comes some insane havoc for a noisy revolution” - Turn Up That Volume

“A convincingly raw and darkly engaging wall of sound and emotions” - Fame Magazine

Video for "The Mound":
Video for "Disappear":
Noise-rock post-hardcore based in Brighton

"Careening out of Brighton at a ferocious pace, DITZ combine feedback noodling oddness, enormous hardcore inspired riffs and a rather sardonic vocal delivery that creates a sound that is so ferocious and tongue in cheek, that it is the perfect salve for those bored with po faced humourless groups. Somehow they sound both world weary and invigored. The result is a sound that possesses real, intrinsic purpose and vigour. Seriously, they’re as of now one of our favourite bands."
- Overblown

"DITZ build into a fuzzy overdriven noisy, oscillating distortion with a heart-pounding framework for the fuzz loaded craftsmanship"

"DITZ, a band hell bent on wrecking your ear a good way."
- Give It Back Magazine

Lo-fi grunge based in Brighton.

The Hell Beings have been carving themselves a niche in and around Brighton with dynamically rich proto-punk rock noise funnelling through left wing anger, the insufferable nature of the selfish world around us, at the lack-lustre sensibilities of a world gone mad and being driven into man-made hell, a rich man's playground.

A stripped down three piece void of banks of processors and effects sound like a home-made go-kart powered powered by a jet engine, Hell Beings proudly display a blind indifference to the fashions, fads and the soon to be forgotten collective hysteria that elevates dull and politically mute sock-puppets to stardom. There is too much reliance on things that don't matter, not just politically but in music - swirling flangers, disorientating digital delay, all to disguise the lack of ideas and lack of sincerity.

A barking voice of sanity in a world that is built on foundations of forgotten hope and collective madness.

£4 advance tickets, £5 on the door.
Doors: 7.30pm
Curfew: 10pm

Friday 2nd June
Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton.

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Later Event: June 2
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