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Fvnerals + Wren + A Hundred Black Kites

Brighton Noise Presents:


Based in Glasgow, FVNERALS are a band that exist on the fringes of doom, post-rock, shoegaze and dark ambience. Formed in 2013 in the south coast town of Brighton, FVNERALS have since released two EPs (The Hours and The Path) and their highly moving, and haunting debut LP The Light. After touring the UK and Europe the band regrouped this year to record their second album, "Wounds". "Wounds" represents a less dreamy and more straight forward approach to FVNERALS’ music. While the songwriting has moved to a harsher and bleaker sound, it also attempts to retain its emotional heaviness, fragility and contrast. While it is certainly a progression from their debut album, Wounds perfects the crushing doom of their previous work. More than ever, bassist / vocalist Tiffany Strom’s voice is on full display as it evokes a unique poignancy that drives the band through seven emotionally devastating tracks.
Fvnerals released their debut album in 2014, a 7" Ep in 2015 and have just released their second album "Wounds" via The Native Sound (US) and Golden Antenna Records (EU).
Fvnerals supported bands like Solstafir, Nothing, Moon Duo, Zu, played Drill Festival, Liverpool Sound City Festival and Doom Over Leipzig Festival amongst bands like Cult of Luna, Chrch, The Black Heart Rebellion, Thaw... Following the release of their album the band toured across the UK in October, Europe in January and northern UK in March.

WREN (Wren)

Wren are a 4-piece Sludge/Noise-Rock band based in London.
Following on from their split with Irk in 2015, ‘Host’ is the latest offering from Wren, which reveals the most refined material of their short career, scheduled for release on April 29th via Holy Roar Records.

Whilst Host unreservedly reflects the stylistic impact of genre pioneers Converge and Neurosis, Wren have deliberately filtered this influence through the acerbic lens of The Jesus Lizard in an attempt to separate themselves from the quagmire of post-metal replicants. Patiently utilising the bitter restraint of Unwound and My Disco, and embracing the ritualistic minimalism of Belgian giants Amenra, Wren have tried to forged something both conceptually imposing, and sonically prodigious.

A HUNDRED BLACK KITES (A Hundred Black Kites)

A Hundred Black Kites was born from the frustrating rules around what you should do, what you should write and what you should play. They begun to experiment with volume and minimalism. With only the sound they wanted to convey a sense of isolation and deterioration.

The ideal was to create a beautifully expansive yet crushingly heavy wall of sound embraced by progressive and minimalistic styles of sound. Providing for a visceral and hypnotic performance, A Hundred Black kites collectively ebb & flows through uncertain emotions embraced from a deeply personal human experience. The sounds represented on the outfits body of work create a vague, haunting and uplifting experience that is founded through the vast textures created. Through embrace of the human collapse comes up most integrity, In times built on much uncertainty…..

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