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Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam + Yr Poetry + Exploder Than You

sugar-free presents:


Take the visceral joy and decibel assault of a 747 taking off and you get some idea of what it is to experience Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam. Since 2011 the Birmingham based four piece have held no fear in busting out their ferocious pop at an alarming rate. With infectious guitar hooks and triple-decker vocals this is a gang having serious fun, from the catchiness of party tunes ‘Ibiza Rocks’ and ‘Auto’ to the desert dune rock of ‘Teeth’. Inspiration is drawn from all angles be it Fugazi and Shellac, or Modest Mouse and Sun Kil Moon, but ultimately they make a rapid noise that is truly their own.


"So the idea is, each of these releases will have a theme running thru them. Idk if mini-concept-albums are a thing? Using only the tiniest bit of dramatic license, these 5 songs take place about an hour apart from each other on the same evening. I didn't consciously set out to write a pop punk musical about my friends but some nights are so extra they deserve their own soundtrack. I'm exploiting that real slim window between being too old for nightclubs, and too old to complain about the same nightclubs. All references to persons living or dead are completely intentional but it's bad luck to tell someone you wrote a song about them so plz never ask xo"


Scrappy mathy Brighton trio with all the hooks.

7pm // £5 adv. // 18+ // BOOK TICKETS