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4CAST diss-association

Picture this…. Its 2018, Trump’s president of the United States, our seas are full to the brim with plastic and Meryl Streep’s started wearing corduroy socks.

Deep in a Latvian cavern, not far from the Bosnian border, a Young Bushtucker called Jonty has just discovered a new genre of music; it was somewhere in between Paraphrased-House and Reptilian Jazz but tinged with a breakbeat rhythm. At first Jonty was scared, the music took him a little by surprise. But then after the pair had become properly acquainted, Jonty began to realise the significance of his discovery… He bottled some of it up and took it back to the hermitage.

Jonty had recently been informed by The High Council of Elder Latvian Hermits that there was a miserable group of students from Brighton in England who had just spent weeks and weeks slaving over their dissertations. He knew that it was his destiny to relinquish these poor fellows from their pain and suffering. He knew that his extraordinary musical discovery was the key.

There is word in the air that on the 18th of January, the Young Latvian Bushtucker Jonty will be broadcasting 6 hours of unrefined, pure sound, for the students of Brighton who have just handed in their dissertations, direct from the hermitage.

To receive this exquisite transmission, the Brighton students have assembled a small team of Dj’s known locally as the ‘4CAST’. They will be using mixers and turntables to transform Jonty’s sonic signals into audible euphoria.

To hear Jonty’s breathtaking broadcast - come to 4CAST//DISASSOCIATION.