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HAUS + Paris Youth Foundation

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Initially working as a six-piece, HAUS began developing the musical telepathy that allows them to weave a myriad of divergent influences - everything from electronica, hip-hop, math-rock, post-punk and even metal - into their shape-shifting sound. While initial recordings reflected the upbeat larking around of a group of mates simply enjoying making music, it wasn't until Mulimba stepped up to try his hand at vocals one day that the dynamic fundamentally shifted. There was a move - as Mulimba self-deprecatingly puts it - "from major to minor". Instantaneously, something clicked within the group, songs began pouring out and the depth, atmosphere and sheer scope of what they could create together vastly increased. “We were banging out songs and within a few hours it was like, 'Wow, this is great!'" Recalls Hylton-Nuamah with a grin. From there, everything began to rapidly grow.

The band resisted the urge to jump into bed with the increasing number of labels sniffing around them and instead became a self-sufficient unit. Releasing tracks themselves that became instant online and word-of-mouth sensations and recruiting an army of fans via their jaw-dropping live shows. Support slots that blew the main acts off the stage, festival appearances where people literally couldn't get into the tents because of the throngs of new HAUS converts filling the place... in little over a year they were headlining Camden's KOKO. Not bad for a band that were technically unsigned. "If you look back on it it is like, 'Fuck me, we've done alright,'" laughs Mulimba. "Taking your time with everything, doing it yourself, as much as it's a ball-ache, it does pay off." "Doing it yourself and then seeing people connect with it, it gives you the confidence to carry on doing what you're doing," adds Hylton-Nuamah. "When people connect to it and you know that you've put all the work in and created it yourselves."

What HAUS have built themselves so far is remarkable, and it's only the beginning. As they continue to take it up a level with every release who knows what they can achieve. "Basically, we're the best band in the world" deadpans Mulimba before bursting into laughter. He might be joking, but HAUS are a band the world needs right now.

Earlier Event: February 10
Later Event: February 14
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