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Great Collapse + River Jumpers + Evertim

Glasswerk Presents:


+ support from RIVER JUMPERS



Usually when a band pulls the "All Star" card it means that a bunch of washed up punks come together and bang out a few songs that are not good enough for their main bands. Those "All Star" projects usually release a few songs that tend to be overlooked by the public and quickly fade away as fast as they were founded.

Luckily for us GREAT COLLAPSE have nothing to do with that kind of sad scene:
Founded by STRIKE ANYWHERE singer Thomas Barnett when moving to the west coast (while his Richmond, VA based band took a well deserved break from recording and constant touring) GREAT COLLAPSE quickly took on a life of its own. Barnett teamed up with former RISE AGAINST guitarist Chris Chasse, SET YOUR GOALS bass player Joe Saucedo and COMEBACK KID drummer Kyle Profeta.

The result is a self-produced and self-released 6 song debut EP called "elemental" that perfectly combines catchy hardcore punk with Barnett`s radical anarchist politics. Pushed by this project's epic hardcore song writing and focused bright classic punk hooks, Lyrically Thomas is touching on a more story driven and conceptual field of ideas, a gauntlet thrown down to challenge the post modern ecological and spiritual apocalypse we are all living through.

So no matter if you look for the perfect hook or some inspiring lyrics that will get you through the day in this sometimes bleak and depressing world: GREAT COLLAPSE are one of the few bands in our time that has both - the music AND the message.

Right now GREAT COLLAPSE added former DEATH BY STEREO/NATIONS A FIRE member Todd Henning and second guitarist Tom Arnott (AT RISK/LOVE EQUALS DEATH) to their ranks and are currently working on their first full length album. Featuring current and ex-members of STRIKE ANYWHERE, RISE AGAINST, DEATH BY STEREO, NATIONS A FIRE and SET YOUR GOALS.

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