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Myuu Ways: Jaztec + NDPNDNTS + Rivibes + Yang

Save Yourself has collected some of the best musical talent round these Brighton corners, and then some from London and Bristol for an extra special, extra different show at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar on Tuesday, the 17th of April.

This nights music will be focusing on showcasing original music and production from the different music makers, MC’s and singers we love and respect. If you’re into Hip-Hop, Jazz, Lo-fi, Future sounds or experimentation, you’re going to want to come along.

We’ve been busy as hell putting work into this, and we’re gonna have the stage packed all night. Come along as early as you can for a real fuck off show from start to finish.

Credit to izzy johns for her funky artwork in the cover, and to Jaztec for the lovely beat playing against it.

Jaztec with Gayerayer
A live instrumentation future-soul hip-hop jam courtesy of the extremely talented Jaztec (opened for My Nu Leng and Sub-Focus) and Gayerayer (Ciara & the Sherry Kid and Keerahku).

Lo-fi hip-hop made with precision and pure skill. These kids released 4 mix tapes last year and each one was filled with quality and variety. More soon.

Coming in from Bristol, with some especially tasteful grime and 140 tracks reeking of eery bass and saké. This kids an all rounder, making beats, opening for acts such as Sir Spyro and Kursa and even throwing parties for guys like Jehst and the Mouse Outfit. This will be silly.

Bringing that ripe mellow vibe with the 404s; beats by the dozen, keepin it blessed. Lo-fi Hip-Hop collective beat clash with a hard cypher.