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Yerba Mansa + Pocket Dread + Aeolipile

Yeah Go On Then Presents:

Yerba Mansa:
Free rockin guitar and drums duo, head-to-head skyscraping duo, with a singularity of heavy chord chugging, formed in Manchester by a Welshman and a Lancastrian, now based in Manchester and Glasgow, UK. Ffo Flower Corsano duo, People of the North, Glen Branca, Thurston Moore.

"The kind of band where the drummer wants the rest of the band to keep that racket down. As the band freely romp through any non-idea possible in their opening improvised marathon, their percussion just sort of feels it out, chilling hard against the glorious nonsense that is some guitars crashing about one another until everything’s broken. Good stuff: I always knew drummers were the sensible ones.

You might think it’s all just freaking out and goofing off that interests Yerba Mansa, but they occasionally go to real rock music school, pulling it together here and there when they stumbling in on a repeating riff that buys them a good minute or two of structure. It makes it all the more fun when they go back to their free bullshit, which juxtaposes high energy with a sort of stop-starting angularity.

Fans of completely lost psychedelia, Lightning Bolt, Guttersnipe and pretty much any band that has used their guitars wrong but so right, take note. No doubt you'll enjoy and annoy." - Norman Records

Pocket Dread:
Equal parts experimental and sheer glorious math pop. Ffo Dirty Projectors, Thom York, Palm, Tera Melos.

Free thinking shronk noise jazz!