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Hava + Delta Works + Bluebound

Hi there late sleepers!!

The Playground Radio Show is very happy to announce a real LIVE GIG in Brightoooon! On the 14th of May three bands are going to perform for us in Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, legendary venue!


The money raised with this gig will entirely go to The Clock Tower Sanctuary, a wonderful charity helping young homeless people in Brighton.
Check them out!

Charging will be £4.50 /£4 for students (don't forget your student card!) at the door.
Although you might WIN A FREE TICKET if you listen to the show!!


BlueBound is a very new Brighton based band! They are a three-piece Alternative Rock band with thick riffs, roaring vocals and a powerful rhythm section. They spent a lot of time preparing, rehearsing and working on their sound and are now ready to spread their rocky vibe to the world!

Delta Works is a 4 piece band coming straight from Brighton's dirty underground! With a perfect mix of heavy rock and experimental sound, their music is going to transport you into another dimension, where darkness is your friend... For all our Late Sleepers to feast on!

Hava is a Brighton based experimental rock band raising awareness for invisible illnesses through their ominous sound.
With a haunting, high range style vocal part (with a hint of a jazzy tone) and a dark, atmospheric, heavy instrumentation; their music vibe will make you see colours in the dark!

Come enjoy good music with us and share the love xxx