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Vital Idles + Suburban Death Twitch + Porridge Radio + The Legend!

Love Thy Neighbour Presents:


Vital Idles (Upset The Rhythm, (formerly of Night School / Slumberland heroes Golden Grrrls) play Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar!
Resident Brighton

VITAL IDLES for a conglomerate of art outsiders and aesthetes are primitive, whimsically brutal. Sculpting a skeleton from a body already lean, there's a thrilling minimalism that runs through every beat and strum, a sparseness that feeds Jessica Higgins's surreal, oblique vocal delivery all the nourishment it needs. Playing their first shows in Glasgow in 2015 during a summer that never threatened to show up, Vital Idles' origins are closely tied with a tireless underground culture, a culture that informs the band's refusal to take it easy. Matthew Walkerdine, Nick Lynch and Higgins are responsible for Glasgow DIY publishing institution Good Press - an independent volunteer-staffed zine and art book shop - while Guitarist Ruari MacLean's pedigree stretches back to breakneck-indie-pop group Golden Grrrls and the Rose McDowall band.

Following two self-released demos and a sold out debut 7", Vital Idles arrive on Upset The Rhythm with 'Left Hand', a bare manifesto layered with meaning and non-meaning. The group can conceivably be called artists, or Artists, but in approaching their debut album Vital Idles have stripped away all extraneous ornamentation to sculpt an incredibly life-like, vibrant pop music completely detourned and re-thought.
"Like Drinks or The Ramones, this is clever music playing at being dumb; revelling in the primal and awkward, it’s delightfully odd without being in any way inaccessible.” - For the Rabbits

Plus support:
Suburban Death Twitch play nice music which they shout on top of. About the death of dreams and the burning itch that never leaves.

Porridge Radio (solo): Named "the greatest band in the world" by Everett True on the strength of half a song, Porridge Radio began as Dana Margolin’s bedroom project. Now a 5-piece but playing this show solo, Dana inelegantly knots together vicious, furious emotional outpourings with beautifully melodic pop songs.

The Legend!: Jerry Thackray's musical output combines spoken word perceptions with beautiful cinematic drones.