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Qujaku + King Bee + Grymm

Yeah Go On Then Presents:

Qujaku (Japan) + supports £5 adv £7 otd

Japanese psychedelic band formed in 2013 and based in Shizuoka, Japan. Their music is gothic dark shoegaze, but it also contains emotional expressions that Japan uniquely has, leading you to feel Scandinavian post rock vibes like Sigur Ros. Aesthetic but also destructive, roar but also silence, QUJAKU are a rare newcomer that has two opposite elements at the same time. They released their debut album, ‘ZyouK’, from So I Buried Records in October 2015 and a new EP, 'Keiren', in April 2016, heading to deeper psychedelia. ffo Gnod, Big Brave, Hey Colossus, Julies Haircut.


King Bee will simultaneously pummel and caress your eardrums with chest thumping, singalong chunky riffs and hard-hitting, driving drums - creating a massive sound too monstrous to not induce head banging!

Playing what they call ‘winter Indie’ there is soft and haunting lyrics that ripple against the stirring base and suspense-filled percussion. With the frenzied guitar, they create almost cinematic bridges and breakdowns that truly represent indie music at its most devastating.